Get ready for the perfect sleeping experience!

Thanks to Visco, used as a filling material, your mattress will take the shape of your body and will not forget. Along with being equipped with the Visco filling material that has broken new grounds in sleep technologies, Aqua, with a great spring system will ensure a sound sleep and awaking fully rested. Starting from the first night..

Gel – Infused Visco

Thousands of capsules are added to the Visco material to add the climatization characteristic. While the feeling of perspiration is minimized, cells with increased permeability ensures air circulation within the mattress.

5 Zone Pocket Spring System

Focuses on points the human body applies pressure on the mattress. The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System developed accordingly provides support at 5 different zones with different hardness levels. The blood flow is regulated and involuntary actions are minimized in a body, which finds the required support in horizontal position. This system, consisting of springs placed in independent bags, ensures a tight sleep for couples who have different weights, lengths and sleeping positions. And the comfort never diminishes for years.

Hygiene Cool Fabric

Made of hypoallergenic fabric preventing bacterial growth and adjusting body temperature.

Washable Cover

Special cover can be washed at 30℃



Pocket Spring

The body presses on the bed from 5 areas. The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System specially developed in this regard provides support to 5 different parts of the body with different spring stiffnesses. It regulates blood flow and reduces the involuntary movements of the body by providing necessary support to the body in the horizontal plane. Consisting of springs placed in different pouches, this system provides uninterrupted sleep for couples with different weight and dye and sleep positions. And its comfort continues for years.

Gel Filled Visco

Thousands of capsules are placed in Visco material and air conditioning feature is added. While the feeling of sweating is minimized, air circulation is provided inside the bed with cells with increased permeability.