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Discover the future of the spring mattress tonight! Get the perfect spring feeling thanks to the pocket spring system. Enjoy extra flexibility and massage comfort with pads on both sides of the bed, and experience elegance with linen knitted fabric. With the Continental mattress, which reduces involuntary movements during sleep and is effective in relieving possible joint pain, sleep without being affected and disturbed by your partner, no matter how different your height, weight and how you lie.

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Double Sided Pad

High density Hyper filling material was used in the double layer pad added to the bed to give it extra flexibility and massage feeling. Reduces involuntary movements during sleep. It is effective in relieving possible joint pain.

Pocket Spring

The body presses on the bed from 5 areas. The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System, which has been specially developed in this regard, supports 5 different parts of the body with different spring stiffnesses. It regulates blood flow and reduces the involuntary movements of the body by providing necessary support to the body in the horizontal plane. Consisting of springs placed in different pouches, this system provides an uninterrupted sleep for couples with different weight and dye and sleep positions. And its comfort continues for years.

Linen Knitted Fabric

Linen knitted fabric is used to provide maximum air circulation.