Gold Limited Edition 120

Product Detail

This model from the World Luxury Collection series is a stylish product that combines invaluable comfort with the luxurious feeling of latex, visco and silk. It makes you feel like you are lightening the moment you leave yourself on it. It offers a unique comfort that takes the shape of the body with a gel filled visco material that remembers how you are comfortable.




All natural material made of rubber tree provides a healthy sleeping environment by providing air circulation in the mattress and balancing the temperature. 7cm on both sides of the bed. thick latex was used. Thanks to the pin holes of the latex sponge, it provides a 5-zone spring effect.

Pocket Spring

The body presses on the bed from 5 areas. The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System specially developed in this regard provides support to 5 different parts of the body with different spring stiffnesses. It regulates blood flow and reduces the involuntary movements of the body by providing necessary support to the body in the horizontal plane. Consisting of springs placed in different pouches, this system provides uninterrupted sleep for couples with different weight and dye and sleep positions. And its comfort continues for years.