GreenBio Max Pillow 18cm



These pillows are entirely made of GreenBio MemoryFoam and EcoBio MemoryFoam, a viscoelastic material of organic origin, self-contouring, heat-sensitive, with a shape-memory core. Both materials are water expanded.

GreenBio is enriched with 5% essential oils and medicinal herbs, while EcoBio is enriched with 30% natural organic oils to provide a soothing, refreshing and softening effect.




Our GREENBIO pillows, enriched with 5% essential oils and medicinal herbs come in two versions: Soap-shaped, available in the standard version and Maxi or Cervical with an anatomical contour to provide adequate support. Without exerting counter-pressures, these pillows enhance blood circulation and muscle relaxation. They are also anti-mite and anti-allergic and feature a micro-perforated pattern to improve breathability.