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Do not be surprised if it turns into a habit! It amazes with its embossed fabric, which is the work of skillful handwork and almost embroidered like lace. It provides comfort during the night thanks to its one-sided pad placed on the perfect Pocket spring support. It is designed to fold the comfort of the mattress and reduces sweating with its tangle fiber fabric that allows the mattress to breathe.

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Pocket Spring

The body presses on the bed from 5 areas. The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System specially developed in this regard provides support to 5 different parts of the body with different spring stiffnesses. It regulates blood flow and reduces the involuntary movements of the body by providing necessary support to the body in the horizontal plane. Consisting of springs placed in different pouches, this system provides uninterrupted sleep for couples with different weight and dye and sleep positions. And its comfort continues for years.

Cotton Filled

It has been used to increase the comfort of the mattress, to provide the air to the mattress and to reduce sweating.