Swiss Bed Set



Your bedroom will acquire new standards of comfort with the SWISS upholstered bed. The bed frame is completely covered with extremely high-quality and durable fabric, which guarantees a long life and carefree comfort. In addition, the bed has a raised bed bottom, which allows you to store things that you do not absolutely need in the drawer underneath.



Full SWISS bed


Advantages of the SWISS bed frame:

  • The bed frame boasts an extremely high-quality upholstered fabric.
  • The unique and timeless coloured design will ensure that you will never get tired of the bed frame.
  • The raised bed bottom and the drawer provide you with a lot of additional storage space .
  • The bed has an extremely strong base that ensures excellent stability and prevents movement .

What are the biggest advantages of a premium SWISS mattress?

  • In the core of the mattress, you will find a 5-zone pocket suspension that provides optimal support throughout the night.
  • The mattress ensures perfect adaptation to your body during sleep.
  • The mattress contains a coating that prevents the entry of mites and bacteria , thus bringing you even healthier and carefree sleep.
  • The mattress is harder and firmer, which prevents the spine from bending during sleep .
  • The height of the mattress is 25 cm.


No night restlessness when sleeping for two:

The SWISS bed is an ideal choice for a double bed , as it prevents the partner’s night-time movements from affecting the entire bed. This is helped by the 5-zone suspension with individually spaced springs dressed in pockets.


NOTE: If you want to effectively prevent the mattress from sagging, which is the result of constant pressure on the same place, we recommend turning the mattress regularly.