Tresor Storage Base

Product Detail

Tresor Secret is a delightful touch under the different low design of Sandik Baza. In addition to its eye-catching aesthetic appearance, it offers storage space with a lower design and does not compromise on aesthetics. If your priority is more design than more storage space, Tresor Secret Chested Base is just for you.



Compatible with All Titles

It is compatible with all titles produced by Yatsan. It is in standard height and open to wooden handle and foot polish colors. Handle and foot detail are applied in wood. Fabric, leather or suede is your choice! You can choose the color you want from more than 100 color options and order.


Practical & Safe

It has a practical and safe cap system. The bottom chested section is disassembled. The cover has a flexible wooden lath construction. As the cover is placed on the frame, the carrying force increases and provides a safe comfort.