Product Detail

The 34 cm high Switzerland Premium Plus brings the luxury hotel comfort to your home. The bamboo knitted fabric bed has a washable pad, again with bamboo filling. The wool and cotton mixture in its content relaxes the body and invites you to a comfortable sleep

Pocket Spring
The body presses on the bed from 5 areas. 
The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System specially developed in this regard provides support to 5 different parts of the body with different spring stiffnesses. 
It regulates blood flow and reduces the involuntary movements of the body by providing the body with the necessary support in the horizontal plane. 
Consisting of springs placed in different pouches, this system provides an uninterrupted sleep for couples with different weight and dye and sleep positions. 
And its comfort continues for years.
It is durable and long lasting. 
It adjusts body temperature thanks to its moisture balancing feature. 
It increases your sleep quality by decreasing sweating and helps you wake up fit.